IoT sensor system workshop


Creator Makerspace and Arrow Norway happily invite to IoT sensor systems workshop by Libelium!

Arrow is thrilled to have Libelium visiting Norway for a seminar on sensor systems and supported communication protocols. Sensor systems are available for a multiple of applications like Environment, Agriculture, Water.

Libelium has complete systems for outdoor use with solar panel or mains power. Everything you need to get your sensor data up in the clouds and on your PC and phone.


  • Introduction to Libelium, different solutions, communication protocols, sensors and setups
  • Use cases of Smart Environment, Smart Water and Smart Agriculture (and others if relevant to the attendees)
  • How to connect, configure and set up a new system. SW solutions that can be used, cloud connection etc.
  • Sensors and calibration, how can they be used to give info of air and water quality
  • Demo of setup and use for a new system
  • Wasp Mote HW building blocks in the “Arduino way”